This Is What Your Dogs Behaviors Should Tell You

This Is What Your Dogs Behaviors Should Tell You

Dogs have a different way of seeing the world compared to human beings. As a result of this they heavily rely on their body language to pass their different messages across to people. Read this post to find out more on what your dog is trying to tell you. You will be shocked at some of these signs from your dog because believe it or not, there are some that you would have never thought of.

Raising their paws
When you see your dog raising its paw, it’s a sign that they want to play or simply need something from you. This is a behavior that’s displayed mostly by puppies and other small dogs. Whenever puppies want to eat they will raise their paws or put them out for their mother so when it does the same to you it just means they need some attention and affection.

Getting all curled up
If you pay close attention to your dog, you will notice that at some point it will curl up just like a fox does. In such cases, the paws will be curled up underneath their bodies and their tail will be well wrapped around them. This shows that the dog is probably feeling cold. Curling up helps them retain more body heat but should you see your dog curling up like this, just know that it’s worth throwing a blanket over them to help them feel warmer.

Eating grass
Seeing a dog eating grass is not the most unusual thing but unfortunately this mostly means that the dog lacks an important nutrient. It could also mean that they are trying to digest their food well considering how fibrous grass is. You should also be very careful because this could also be an indication that your dog has worms in their intestines. Eating grass could also mean that the dog is dehydrated and that they could be trying to get water from the grass. That said, if this happens a lot, take your dog to the vet because it’s better to ensure their safety.

Energy boosting
Although there are some dogs that enjoy baths, there aren’t too many of them around. The average dog does not like taking a bath and if you notice that your dog likes to run around the house like it’s crazy after one, they didn’t like the bath. Many dogs really hate being wet and running so energetically is a way for them to dry faster.

Standing on hind legs
When you notice your dog standing on its hind legs it could mean several different things. In most cases, it means your dog is trying to show affection. Similar to human beings, sometimes your dog just wants to hug you. However, when they do this around other dogs, it’s just a sign that they want to play around. So, as long as they are standing on their hind legs without getting aggressive, they are just being playful.

Chewing your furniture
When puppies start teething, they start chewing things around. Chewing these things could also be a sign of something else in case you have a dog that is not a puppy. Relax though, it’s nothing bad. It just means that they have not been getting as much physical activity as their body needs. You can easily help them out in this situation by taking them out for a nice walk or helping them exercise in some other way.

Their way of barking
Dogs bark for different reasons. If you notice them barking very often and loudly just know that it’s probably for an urgent reason. Maybe they have sensed some danger around and are trying to inform you about it. It could also be a sign that they are in some kind of pain. On the flip side, when the barks are shorter and also softer, they probably just want to play around. Pay close attention so that you understand exactly what is wrong with them.

Keeps bringing toys
Your dog bringing you toys is not always a sign that they want to play. It could just be a way for them to try and please you. Dogs usually look at you as the alpha and as such, they feel the need to give you respect. It is also a sign of the trust they have in you that makes them give you that very valuable object. Another sign could be that the dog loves you enough to give you something they consider a very priced possession. That’s why when they do this you should not throw the toy away as you will end up hurting their feelings.

When they yawn
Normally, a human being will yawn when they are either bored or sleepy. However, a dog will yawn as a sign that they feel safe and very secure where they are. Yawning is a sign of submission and if they do this countless times it just shows how relaxed they are. On the flip side, yawning countless times could just mean that they are stressed or are anticipating something. If you spot your dog yawning severally at the vet’s office it could just show that they are nervous. If they yawn so many times before going out on a walk they could be trying to maintain their enthusiasm but just like human beings it could be a sign that they feel tired.

Like Caterpillars
Every dog lover likes to see their dog all wiggly, kicking their legs up and playing around. Sometimes a dog will wiggle on its back in an attempt to scratch itself when it’s feeling a bit itchy. In other cases, it could just be a way for them to gain your attention. As such, it’s worth giving them exactly what they need, that is love and attention.

Before you leave
It’s quite normal for a pet lover to feel guilty about leaving their pet at home when going to work or somewhere else. Some pet owners will even prefer to pay for dog daycares so that they feel less guilty. When you see your dog making sad faces while you are about to step out, it could be exactly what you are already thinking. It feels sad. That said, don’t worry too much because your little pet knows very well that you are not gone forever. You will definitely be back and that face is interestingly also a sign of trust.

Back and forth pacing
The reason why your dog keeps pacing around is because for some reason it feels nervous, bored and in some cases excited, just like we human beings do. Whenever they go round in circles, it could just mean they want you to play with them. Notice that this is the same way dogs go after one another whenever they meet so it could be the dog just being playful.

Pointing to their snout
Have you ever spotted a dog freezing up and nudging its snout in some direction? They could even end up lifting a paw while they do this. It’s a behavior that’s very common especially among hunting dogs but other breeds can also do them. According to Dr. Ellen Vindell, a dog is just a dog and as such there are certain behaviors that any dog can have just provided it is a dog. You will often see a sports dog that circles similarly to a herding one and vice versa.

Showing Discomfort
Aside from the fact that dogs could use their yawning to show comfort, their yawns could also mean something else. It could mean that the dog is really exhausted and ready to have a nice afternoon nap. It could also be a sign of anxiety and a feeling of discomfort. Be on the lookout for this behavior especially if you go with your dog to an unfamiliar place.

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