Three Phase AC Induction Motors Dealers

At SOURABH INNOVATIVE PVT. LTD. We are the best supplier, reseller, trader, wholesaler and distributor of Three Phase Induction Motors in Pune, Maharashtra. Our company offers wide variety of these motors to our customers according to their needs. Our company has the reasonably priced products of the best brands of Siemens, Crompton, Havells and Bharat Bijlee in our business. We provide these advanced manufactured motors which do not require any type of capacitors, centrifugal switches, starting windings or any other starting device to start it as they already start automatically. We have the tested products which are purchased from our trusted suppliers. THE THREE-PHASE AC INDUCTION MOTOR consists of a stator and a rotor. When actuated, the current applied through the stator further induces the magnetic field and this leads to the rotation of the rotor. They are involved in various applications including ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and presses, pumps and submersibles, lathes, conveyors, grinders and several other low power mechanical applications.

We are pleased to inform you that we, Sourabh Innovative Pvt. Ltd. Organization, are resellers of Siemens, Crompton Greaves Greaves, Bharat Bijlee and Havells manufacturing three phase electric motors.

A Small Start We provides fast, safe and quality delivery services and the transparency of our operations have brought us to the current level of excellence. We supply electric motors to various engineering sectors such as infrastructure, cement, sugar, steel and energy, etc. We also supply motors to most trading houses, project houses and SDOs for critical and non-critical applications. We are focused on treating our customers as long-term partners, exceeding their expectations, and strive to deliver every order with speed and precision unmatched in the industry. With the vision of forming lasting partnerships with our clients, we will work to understand their organizational needs.

We are dedicated to the sale and marketing of electric motors and spare parts for motors and alternators from all of our affiliated business houses, thus becoming leading resellers. We provide after-sales assistance, repair and rewinding of electric motors and alternators of all brands and types at the lowest cost and offer on-site and on-site services.

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