Tips of Making Best Timetable While Preparing for the Government Exam

Government exams are among the most difficult ones but with the help of a workable timetable, it is truly possible to clear the exam. Managing time and walking on the road of preparation is one of the most challenging tasks. You really have to note that managing time is not at all something which you can do in just one day. Moreover, constructing the timetable is not at all easy. You really have to progress in such a way so that you can come to know how this can help you clear the desired government exam. Government exam preparation has never been easy for most students. If you want to clear the government exam then you have to hold the hand of the practice. 

You have to note that practicing is something which can help you grasp a good hand over most of the important topics present in the government exam. There is a wide range of sources that can help you out in constructing a workable timetable for your case. Yes, there is nothing like you will not get the right way to tackle the hard question present in the question paper. The best timetable can help you achieve your pre-set goal of clearing the exam without much hindrance. Whether it’s forums, blogs, coaching platforms, or newspapers, everything can give you some idea about how to make a timetable for the preparation for the government exam. Are you stressing your mind to clear the upcoming banking exam? Then in that phase, you can easily consider connecting with the reliable institute providing the best bank coaching in Delhi.

You really have to note that you have to make an authentic and workable timetable. We would highly advise you not to follow the timetable of any topper. As your capabilities are truly different from theirs. In this blog, we have made a meticulous timetable for you. We will guide you step by step in the construction of the timetable. 

Check out the timetable so that you can make your preparation journey quite easy: 

5:30 am

Wake up early in the morning. Then wash your face and have two glasses of water. Moreover, you can consider eating the fulfilling fruits that can help you stay energetic the whole day. Waking up early can give you the opportunity in which you can easily plan for your entire day. 

6 am 

Now it’s time to commence your first study session. In the morning you need to study the most challenging topic as you can easily remember it for your entire life. It is often said by most individuals that studying in the morning can seriously help to learn most of the concepts. This study session will surely end at 8 am. After that, you have to take 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes, you have to close your eyes and take a power nap. Now you must be thinking about why is it essential to nap. Napping will help you shut your mind down. Then you can start your mind again for the next study session. Moreover, you can also consider moving into the garden to take in the fresh air. We are truly sure that you will feel motivated and productive in your own sense. 

8 am 

After that take out some time to do the daily activities. You can take a bath and have your breakfast. Moreover, if you are a workout person then you have to do one hour of exercise so that it will make you feel quite energetic. Yes, we truly agree on the part that when you do exercise at that time you will feel that all your tension is relieved and now you are feeling extremely refreshed. Never reach out for snacks, instead, make a habit of having a fulfilling breakfast so that you can easily feel energetic while preparing for the government exam. 

9:30 am 

You have to keep this time for solving the mock test. You have to keep in mind that you should keep some time for the practice part also. This session will surely provide you with an idea about your strengths and weaknesses. Allot two hours for solving the mock test papers. Sit in a quiet place so that you can feel the interruption and ask out your friend to mark the whole paper for you. This way you will come to know where you are wrong and which is the strongest part of yours. 

1:30 pm

Now it’s the time when you have to keep all the things aside and focus on doing lunch. You have to eat a fulfilling lunch so that you can feel that your body is full of energy. During this break, you can check your phone and watch your favorite show. This way you will not feel that your entire preparation journey is so harsh on you. There is no hard and fast rule that while preparing for the government exam you can watch movies and some kind of series. Moreover, you can also consider taking a nap to relax your entire body. 

2:30 pm 

Now it’s time to have the third study session. In this phase, you have to focus on studying the rest of the topics. You can continue learning new topics. Yes, there might be a few things that you have considered in this session that you have to make notes and focus on this part more attentively. There might be a possibility that you are preparing for the SSC exams. Then reach out to the best institute providing SSC Coaching in Delhi for soulful help. 

4:30 pm 

In that part, you have to take a one-hour break and eat some kind of healthy snack. Try to eat fruits and keep hydrating yourself. You can also call your friend to clarify all your doubts. This can also refresh your mind and provide you with fulfilling chit-chat time. 

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