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Ugaoo is the Best Online Garden Store in India. Get a wide variety of ✔Indoor Plants ✔Seeds✔Pots & Planters✔ Garden accessories from the Best Online Plant Nursery.


What We Do

We are here to encourage people to discover the beauty, miracles, and serendipity in their everyday lives. We are here to make the magic of plants accessible to you at your fingertips and safeguard and nurture them till they reach you – their forever homes.
We make plant parenting simpler, comfortable, less intimidating and reassuring through our ideas, knowledge, and understanding. We grow our plants with passion, happiness, and utmost care so that when they reach you, they spread the same joy in your lives.

Ugaoo offers a wide range of plants for home including low-light indoor plants, creeping and climbing plants, ferns, lucky plants, air-purifying plants, beautiful foliage plants, low-maintenance plants, and several flowering plants. The plants come in different sizes and are well suited for small space gardening with minimal care. 

Ugaoo has an extensive range of pet-friendly plants as well that are well-suited for homes with pets. Our range of exotic plants makes for great conversation starters. Ugaoo also sells some of the best tabletop plants and also plants that are great for windowsills, terraces, and entryway plants. Our range of low-maintenance plants, succulents and cactuses are great for offices and commercial spaces as they don’t need a lot of care.



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