Ultimate Guide to PrestaShop: Everything You Need To Know!

PrestaShop is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. It has a diverse set of features, and comes with 300+ different options for you to choose from. PrestaShop can be found on 25,000+ websites around the globe. And it’s not just available in two languages: today its available in 60! This diversity is further enhanced by expert developers who develop sites that are feature-rich and help build your brand value as well as increase sales using PrestaShop development services.

You might not know if now is the time to begin developing your site on this platform or not; but read on because we want to erase any confusion you may have about whether or not it’s worth investing into this platform for development purposes.

Prestashop is not complicated to install, set up and use. It also possesses a variety of settings options without being too demanding with system requirements for hosting server: Apache web server 1.3 or later with PHP 5 or above and MySQL 5.

PrestaShop, an e-commerce application and website builder, is using Ajax technology for both the front end and back end. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) is a set of techniques in web development that involve using many web technologies for client-side applications to create asynchronous websites. With the help of Ajax, browser applications are able to send or retrieve data from a server asynchronously without interfering with any other display or behaviour.

PrestaShop is user-friendly and supports various payment methods, such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Payments Pro via API. Authоrize.net and Skrill for meeting the demands of your clients. It possesses more than three hundred built-in features for listing products, shipping orders to customers or manufacturers among other things that are useful in running an online store business efficiently without any hiccups along the way — you can also implement loyalty programs which offer different rewards like vouchers or coupons to long term clientele.

One of the best features that make PrestaShop an ideal solution for your online store is its innovative reporting and liability system. You can find out what day is the most profitable one, when you get the most sales or less. It also helps to determine which content or products are being bought by clients best, so that you know exactly who of your partners send the highest traffic to your website. Affiliate statistics provides all necessary data for responding to any situation as soon as possible — determining which members on stuff are good sellers and supervisors among them.

PrestaShop makes it easier for the admin of an online store to share content on various social networks and blogs, attracting more visitors. This increases a website’s attention paid to a site, boosting sales and profits. You are able to engage with your clients by providing them with pictures or video updates about changes in working hours or other things about their time spent at your online store. Prestashop is also great for creating community-building relationships among customers through its many features like invitations, messaging boards etc.

To customize your website running on the PrestaShop platform and personalize it, you have plenty of options. You may use over 5,000 additional modules and various professional themes in combination with your standard PrestaShop platform to optimize how unique the interface is. It gives a more personalized touch to it as well!

PrestaShop is a new word in the world of ecommerce platforms development. It’s simple, powerful and adaptable to any online business. Are you searching out a Prestashop Development Company on your project? Our devoted team will develop well designed Prestashop stores with seamless navigation systems so you can browse through products conveniently. Contact us today!

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