Use Fastag to simplify your life and update your KYC!

Life on the road can be full of surprises, but Fastag makes travelling easier than ever before! This innovative online-to-offline technology lets you drive seamlessly through toll plazas without stopping or even slowing down. All you need to do is flash your vehicle’s registration in the Fastag reader and you’re on your way! And if your car’s been involved in an accident, it’s important to keep its records up to date – updating your KYC details ensures that you won’t have any issues when you need to apply for new documents in the future.


What is Fastag?

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has introduced a new electronic toll collection system for smooth movement of traffic across all national highways. Fastags kyc are used on electronic toll plazas, where an automatic radio frequency identification (RFID) reader captures data encoded in a tag mounted on a vehicle’s windscreen. The tag is read without slowing down or stopping at the toll plaza; toll fee is automatically debited from an account linked to it. This ensures that vehicles pass through toll plazas quickly, preventing long queues and resulting in faster travel times.


Why Choose Fastag?

Have you ever heard of a ‘fast tag’? This is an RFID tag fitted in your vehicle that enables you to pass through tollgates without stopping. The Indian government has adopted fastag in all major cities, including Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore etc. We have compiled information about which vehicles require what types of tags. You can also find out how much it costs to get one installed.


Benefits of using Fastag

You won’t get stuck in traffic or have to worry about missing an appointment. You can pass long queues quickly, as Fastags are scanned electronically, giving you a quicker passage. Instead of filling up forms again and again, you can use Fastag at several toll plazas across Delhi-NCR. It’s secure too – if any tampering is attempted with your vehicle’s inbuilt chip (which has a unique identification number), an alarm will sound and all details of your vehicle will be blocked permanently within 10 seconds. The registration number of your vehicle will be uploaded online every time you pay toll, so that it’s available for verification by officials as well as policemen during checks.


How does it work?

When you buy a new car, all kinds of documents need to be filled. There are registration papers, sales receipt papers, insurance papers…The process of buying a car is tedious enough without having to fill out paper after paper, so why not bring all those papers online? The Fastag system simplifies it. Firstly, simply scan/take pictures of your vehicle documents (sales bill/receipt). Secondly, login onto Fastag’s website with one account for all vehicles owned. Thirdly, upload all scanned/taken photos of your vehicle documents into their platform. Lastly, pay using your credit card or Paytm wallet balance. And voila! You have just saved yourself from filling out more than ten different forms in a span of five minutes!



What’s fastag? Who can get one? How do I get it/upgrade my existing fastag? What should I know about updating my KYC? Why is it so important to stay updated with my KYC details? Where can I find more information?

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