Using the Volumetric Capture


The group found that while the information treatment of the volumetric capture required a ton of work, that the methodology gave extraordinary adaptability. “We even found afterward on our most memorable pass, our thought process was a conspicuous arrangement of multidimensional images, the chief said, no, no, no, they should be turned 180 degrees inverse where they should be set along these lines, or how about we simply shoot some stuff and we’ll sort out where it goes later. Thus it offered the adaptability. I think it was perhaps more work than anybody truly appreciates, yet it gave us limitless adaptability to pivot the characters.”

Size of the Rig

The 108 camera rig was just enormous enough for each part in turn to be recorded. This isn’t a constraint of the center innovation, yet rather the group’s craving to see the musicians’ countenances. The more extensive the volume the less the group could push in on the musicians’ appearances. This was especially an issue for catching BTS. While the band partook in the experience, as an extremely close and deeply grounded bunch, the individuals from BTS are accustomed to having the option to truly interface with one another as a component of their showmanship, as opposed to perform alone.

The restrictions of the cameras spur the size of the volume, “for this situation I was glad to have the size that we did on the grounds that it implied the devotion of the volumetric capture was a lot higher,” says Grant. “It was somewhat compelling for the craftsmen to perform presumably, however I don’t get the feeling that it was an issue for them.” The group at Ingenuity Studios had done a lot greater space for a venture for Canon, “that was a lot bigger space, – and the loyalty of the volumetric capture truly isn’t as great on a bigger region.”

Virtualizing an Additional Close up Camera

Colin rushed to bring up that maybe a crossover arrangement would function admirably pushing ahead. Maybe a framework that had more extensive inclusion as is standard with the 108-camera rig, yet with an extra arrangement of longer focal point cameras that could be utilized to virtualize a nearer camera position for facial exhibitions. This thought would really have the musicians being captured in two isolated yet covering volumes, one for the nearby, and one for the wide shot.


Domain Studio was entrusted with planning the UI and correspondence frameworks for My Universe, constructing remarkably refined UI, visualizations, and graphical components included all through the promotion. The perform multiple tasks brief required plan and activity of menus and HUD frameworks for the spaceship inside, the robot POVs of various cosmic planets, VFX changes magically transporting musicians starting with one planet then onto the next, as well as naming and text components.

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