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A recent city inspection found that panels on the side of the temporary Inwood library location were “possibly in danger of falling” to the ground underneath.

A spokesperson from the Department of Buildings told Patch that an inspector was called Friday to 4857 Broadway — also the location of the Probus clothing store — to investigate a 311 complaint that panels on the side of the building “were in a state of disrepair.”

During the inspection, the agency found that the facade paneling on the side of the building had partially detached, and was “possibly in danger of falling into the vacant lot next door.”

An image of the panels on the side of the Inwood building from March 2022. Google Maps.

A close-up of the panels from March 2022. Google Maps.
A librarian Patch spoke to on the phone at the Inwood location had not heard about the DOB inspection and the possibility of falling panels. A spokesperson from the New York Public Library did not immediately answer a request for comment.

The Inwood library outpost is using the address until construction of its new nearby location is finished.

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The address also houses The Stack, which describes itself as “Inwood’s premier luxury rental.”

4857 Broadway in Inwood. Google Maps.
The DOB subsequently issued a violation to the unspecified owner of 4857 Broadway and issued a vacate order for the vacant lot at 4855 Broadway until repairs can be made.

Luckily, there is much less hassle in enforcing a vacate order when the space is already vacant.

The vacant lot, which has been empty since at least 2009, has a fence around it.

DOB thus determined that there is no current hazard to pedestrians using the nearby sidewalk.

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