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What is Vidalista Black 80mg? Find out the details of the medicine and why people take it

Everyone’s man is tense due to a problem in his body which is affecting his s*x life. The main problem is erectile dysfunction. In these issues, the person is unable to erect himself properly and also inseminate immaturely. Vidalista 80 Black can lead to dissatisfaction in both partners’ lives.

Due to this, suffering people start looking for the best medicinal cure to help them recover. Now from the pile of drugs the best drug that can help them is Vidalista Black 80mg. The detail of the medicine is given below, which you need to check before making the decision to buy the medicine.

About Vidalista Black 80mg

Vidalista Black 80mg is an allopathic medicine that is prescribed to get rid of erectile dysfunction. But apart from this main problem, the drug is also taken by a person who is facing benign prostatic hyperplasia problem. The drug is manufactured by Centurion Pharma in India and the salt present in it is Tadalafil. The amount of salt is around 80mg which is packed in the black colored pill. The drug is known to give the best result to people and gives them back their lost fun before bedtime.

How does Vidalista Black 80mg work?

How the medicine works is quite simple. Salt, as mentioned above in medicine, is Tadalafil. PDE is a material present in the body, which is the main cause of blood vessel contraction. When the blood does not reach the p*nis, it will surely lead to softer erections which is the cause of erectile dysfunction.

When the person starts consuming the drug, he will notice how Tadalafil works. All PDEs present in the body are bound to salt. Due to this, the blood vessels in the body will return to their normal size. It will result in the delivery of more blood to the p*nile region. In addition, the material called cGMP is also activated. It will work by contracting the muscles in the p*nis. It will give more room for blood. Next is maintaining an erection. cGMP does not allow blood to leak out of the p*nis, giving you the best erection.

Can I take Vidalista Black 80mg every day?

The consumption of Vidalista Black 80mg is required every day for those people who want to get rid of erectile dysfunction problems. This is the dosage prescribed by medical professionals and manufacturers. But there are also some exceptional cases. They have to take two doses of the drug for a few days. While consuming the drug, a person should keep a few facts in mind:

The person should never consume the medicine by breaking or chewing it. This can always decrease the effect of the medicine.
To take the medicine, it is best to take the help of water. It is up to the person to choose whether to consume the food or take the drug without food. But they should take care of one thing that if they want to take food then it should be light. The gap between s*xual activity and drug use must be maintained at least one hour. It will give you enough time for the salt to dissolve and give you a perfect erection.

Missed dose

Missed dose of the drug is very common in people who consume Vidalista Black 80 mg, as they don’t feel like having s*x. But later, if they feel the need for s*xual activity, they can consume the medicine. If the time for the next dose is 12 hours or more, the drug should be consumed. If it is otherwise, the consumption of medicines should be ignored and a person should only take one dose.


Overdose of the drug is never recommended. People who thought it would give better results overdosed on the drug. But due to overdose, your body may show some bad results. That’s why if a person notices any of these problems, they should contact their doctor as soon as possible.


Warning signs that a person should always be aware of are discussed below. In case you forget any of the warnings, you could face serious consequences. When you visit your doctor, you should keep in mind that you should review all of your medical history and the medications you are currently on.

You should stay away from the drug if you have heart problems. The person who consumes the drug should stop drinking alcohol. This can lead to an increase in side effects.

Side effects of Vidalista Black 80mg

There are many side effects associated with taking drugs. The main problems for which these side effects arise are new people who start consuming the drug. As a person’s body gets used to the drug, they may notice that they don’t notice any side effects. The side effects are:-

Blurred vision is the most common side effect of Vidalista Black 80mg. For this reason, a person should never do any work that requires concentration. Some cases of headaches have also been observed in the consumer of Vidalista Black 80mg.
Nausea is also common when a person consumes Vidalista Black 80mg. This can also cause vomiting.

There are some people who face stomach problems. Diarrhea can also be noticed in a person. Many people also notice restlessness. This can also lead to some big problems. The sleep cycle of the person is also affected by the drug Vidalista Black 80mg.

How long does it take for Vidalista Black 80mg to show its action?

The medicine will show its action within about 40-50 minutes after consuming the medicine. Therefore, it would be best to consume the medicine an hour before thinking about having s*x. Also, to help the salt work, it’s important that you participate in the excitement actions.

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