Wall Paintings – Highlights For Your Home

In this article, I will share with you all the experiences of choosing a set of living room paintings that are both beautiful and meaningful, but also bring your own accent and style with the lowest cost as well as how to identify the quality of the living room. number of paintings in a simple way.
1. Why do you need wall paintings?
– Traditional feng shui believes that when the room is lacking or wants to promote a certain element of the five elements or natural lucky element, it is recommended to hang pictures on the wall. These living room paintings are like gas objects that both help to supplement prosperity and help develop more good things available. So almost every big house has feng shui paintings or items.
– Modern house: Surely hanging canvas paintings, prints is almost obvious with every high-class house or apartment. These paintings can simply be seen as decorative items, making the room more beautiful, modern and also more luxurious. Especially, there are many paintings you can choose to best suit each space you have.

2. Choosing Living Room Wall Paintings What to Pay Attention to

– Meaning: If you want to hang feng shui paintings in your living room, you need to pay attention to the meaning of each picture, the owner’s destiny, the direction of the house as well as the direction to hang the picture. This will be quite difficult for those who are not knowledgeable about feng shui. So if you want to hang this type of painting, please research carefully before choosing.
+ As for modern paintings, the meaning of the picture seems simpler, so you should choose to suit your interests and desires.
– Overall: According to The Trend, a good picture must be a picture that has a harmonious combination of space and inherent items in the room.
+ Style: Modern paintings will often suit new homes and young owners and vice versa. Here pay attention to the overall harmony of the house.
+ Location: With the living room, it will usually hang in 2 main positions, above the sofa and above the TV. Note that the picture should be hung at a distance of half from the small ceiling compared to the distance to the floor.
+ Size: Living room paintings are usually large in size, about 2/3 of the size of the back wall.
+ Color: Matching paint color with painting color is an important thing. With light paint colors, you should choose bold colors and vice versa. Thus, the picture will stand out and attract the eyes as well as the attention of the viewer.
+ Material: Canvas painting is the most popular modern painting model today. As for the old style, oil painting is not a bad choice
3. Simple Ways to Identify Painting Quality
+ Front: For high-quality products, the colors are true, sharp and even. On the surface of the painting, there will be a very thin layer of varnish to create color fastness for the painting.
+ Back: Modern paintings will have 1 more formex plate to increase durability and reduce mold
+ Picture frame: The thickness of the modern picture border is about 0.5cm, there is no gap between the two edges (composite frames)
+ Weight: High-end paintings according to modern trends will be very light (about less than 0.5kg for a 40x60cm picture)
+ Durability: If hung indoors, it will have a durability of about 10 years
+ Waterproof: Good quality paintings are waterproof, can be cleaned with a damp cloth
4. How to Hang Simple Canvas Paintings
+ Prepare: 1 hammer, 1 tape measure and 1 pencil
+ Carry out: – Measure and Locate: Measure the area of ​​the wall and mark the center position, Try the painting on the wall (with a set of paintings, you should start from the middle one to reduce the error), Determine position hangers and mark on the wall (note between the walls should be about 1cm to 1.5cm)
– Nailing: Smart nailing to the pre-marked positions (pay attention to nail the nail so that when hanging it does not deviate)
– Hanging the Painting on the Wall and Adjusting: Put the hanger in the correct position on the nail and adjust it for the best balance (it is recommended to observe at a position about 2m from the wall)
– Admire the Achievements
5. Outstanding Living Room Painting Patterns
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