What Are The Highlighting Features Of TATA Cars?

Since 1945, the name “Tata Motors” has dominated the Indian market. The long history of Tata Motors is what has made the company so well-known; it is a name that has not only seen the growth of the Indian auto industry but has also remained an essential player in it. Tata Motors, a 37 billion dollar company, has produced a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and defense vehicles. Purchase the best Tata Cars from TATA Showroom Chennai, at competitive prices while availing the services constantly gaining a reputation.

One of the most recognizable brands in India that were developed locally is Tata, which is also the proud owner of the Land Rover and Jaguar Groups. The pledge made by Tata Automobiles to its consumers has never been broken. In this post, we’ll go over the top six distinguishing qualities of Tata cars that are worth paying particular attention to. Walk into Authorized TATA Showrooms Chennai and test drive the desired variants while witnessing the exciting features each variant produces.

What Are The TATA Car Known For?

Tata vehicles stand out for six main reasons.

  1. No Safety Compromises

The legendary Tata Group never jeopardizes the security of its car owners. They always make sure to build their cars as solidly as they can. According to the statistics, Tata Tigor and Tiago were successful in achieving a 4-star safety rating on the GNCAP, while Tata Nexon and Altroz were successful in achieving a 5-star safety rating.

This is a significant distinguishing feature that seems unusual among typical current Indian automobiles. Even the most recent Tata Nexon EV has received a 4-star rating for safety. As a result, Tata is now one of the very few brands that can be relied upon to deliver the industry’s safest and most secure vehicles.

  1. Strong Engines

Locally produced engines like the Dicor, Varicor, Revotron, and Revotorq are Tata Motors’ specialty. Even with Tata Sedan automobiles, these engines provide incredible power, which results in exceptional performance. For instance, the Revotron’s turbocharged gasoline engine has a maximum torque of 170 Nm and 118 horsepower. Tata also provides a variety of diesel engine configurations.

You cannot miss the exceptional performance of these unique locally developed engines, which range from the more traditional Varicor and Dicor engine types to the more contemporary Revotorq and Revotron ones. Tata makes sure to use cutting-edge technology to power its vehicles. For instance, the Tata Nexon uses the Revotron turbocharged petrol engine, which is capable of producing at least 118 hp and a maximum torque of 170 Nm. Despite the implementation of the BS6 requirements, Tata automobiles continue to offer the diesel engine option, unlike a number of other manufacturers.

  1. A Muscular Frame

The purpose of a passenger car is to serve as the driver’s fashion statement. No Tata vehicle ever falls short of this standard. You will feel the essence of power and have a comfortable driving experience thanks to the vehicle’s strong construction, muscular appearance, sturdy body, and smart placement of stylistic accessories.

We can observe from the current market trend that Tata automobiles have advanced significantly in terms of their vehicle design. Tata has been in business for so long that it is well-versed in the needs and specifications of the sector. This explains how they successfully set new trends in the automotive business while maintaining their vehicles’ modernity.

  1. A Wholly Domestic Brand

Since Tata Motors is a domestic business with research and development facilities in India, it makes sense for individuals wishing to purchase automobiles from regional producers to consider it. Tata Motors made-in-India philosophy has always been a cornerstone of the company’s strategy, and the price of a Tata automobile has never been prohibitively expensive.

  1. Reasonable Pricing

Another noteworthy aspect of the Tata automobiles is their cost, which is one of the key names of “vocal for Local”. They have prices that are fiercely competitive.

Ratan Tata took on the challenge of producing the Tata Nano, which has a price tag of just INR 1 lakh.

The quality of Tata automobiles is never compromised despite their affordable price. The two main benefits of every Tata car are the reasonable price and strong performance. They have been successful in upholding their constant, high standard of quality for both commercial and passenger cars.

  1. Comfort Packed With Features

Being strong and durable need not mean that comfort must be compromised. One of the best instances of this is the Tata automobiles. It guarantees a smooth ride for both drivers and passengers. Although the Tata old cars lack this feature, the newer models are created differently and offer you excellent comfort.

Why TATA Cars Are So Strong?

As mentioned before, Tata automobiles are reasonably priced, cozy, and safe. This may make you wonder if any features are missing from these cars in order to keep prices fair. However, this would be a false assumption in the case of Tata automobiles.

Are TATA Cars Of Good Quality?

Tremendous Design Infrastructure

Exciting, Expressive, and Extraordinary are the three terms Tata Motors uses to define exterior design in its updated Impact Design Philosophy. The automobile has a fantastic sense of dynamism because of its dynamic and powerful body-to-cabin proportions. For instance, the robust fender volumes and the segment-leading wheel diameters will produce a purposeful stance and stand-out road presence.

The automobiles’ expressive surfaces give them a futuristic look. For instance, the grille flows into the lamps which increases the breadth of the automobile model, which is supported by the instantly identifiable and more 3-dimensional Humanity Line; the diamond-shaped window in the side view will emphasize the dynamism and movement created by the slingshot line. The India-Global Design would be strengthened and reflected through extraordinary attention to detail. For instance, Tata automobiles will feature a new Tri-Arrow motif.

Similarly according to the company’s philosophy, the interior design of the Tata cars that Tata Altroz Features is defined as Intelligent, Inviting, and Intouch. Beautiful and elegant interior design makes a space feel inviting. Additionally, it strikes a balance between the demands of the client and the visually appealing playfulness that grabs attention and begs for closer examination.

With the help of inventive storage and accessory options that let the user carefully build and create their driving environment, intelligent material selection, and imaginative color combinations enhance the feeling of tactile quality. With innovative and user-friendly in-car technology arranging screens strategically to produce a stress-free driving experience, intouch and well-designed comfort are provided.

Which Model Of TATA Car Is Best?

As of now, Tata offers 13 cars which include four Hatchbacks, six SUVs, two Sedans, and 1 Pickup Truck. PPS TATA Showroom in Chennai proudly reckons to make all the models from Tata available. The Tata car list with the top 5 models is Tata Nexon, Tata Harrier, Tata Tiago, Tata Tigor, and Tata Altroz. The cheapest variant of the Tiago, is priced at Rs. 5.44 lakh (ex-showroom), while the Tata SUV price of the most costly model, the Nexon EV Max, is Rs. 18.34 lakh (ex-showroom). Tata has been putting effort into developing a new model and modernizing its features. Between 2023 and 2024, the brand will introduce about six new vehicles in India. It contains the Harrier (2023), Sierra (2023), Curvv (2024), and Avinya in addition to the Altroz EV (2023). (2025).


It is clear from the data above that Tata vehicles are growing with the future. The brand has also introduced its EV model, which has reshaped the industry’s requirements, in line with the current trend. Tata Cars provide maximum safety and a comfortable driving experience. Tata has a seven-decade history and is a significant player in the automotive industry. With over 10 lakh automobiles sold, the business provides cutting-edge mobility solutions while PPS TATA Dealers Chennai plays its part in elevating the brand name. Tata cars are the perfect blend of performance, drivability, and efficiency.


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