What Goes Into Making the Deliciously Sweet and Spicy Barbeque Sauce?

Barbeque sauce (BBQ Sauce) often reminds us of a night at the roof top with dimly lit lights and a barbeque chicken being roasted on both sides with everyone’s favorite, the barbeque sauce, applied well over it with a hint of red wine to go with it as the main attraction of the night. What’s more, country music in the back drop always makes it an experience worth cherishing among friends, even in later years.

While, the thought that comes to our mind even as we picture a barbeque sauce, is that of semi liquid brown or dark red colored gravy, packed in a jar with a brand label around it- all of which contribute towards creating that magic. It is a preparation of a choice of flavors ranging from sour to sweet, spicy and a thick or thin base, with constituting elements such as the vinegar, tomato sauce, garlic pepper and brown sugar that essentially attract food lovers from across the globe to that sinful delight. The whole experience of setting up of the barbeque meat, once this sauce is ready is an experience in itself.

But what must be borne in mind while preparing the barbeque sauce at home, is avoiding too much of an addition of sweet or spice. It is rather wise to balance it out well in order to dish out the best barbequed meat, which always works wonders for many. Homemade barbeque sauces are a good way of saving out on the trouble of purchasing it from the market and in the process losing out on the satisfaction of the ingredients being natural. These homemade sauces can be prepared within a time span of 15 minutes, so here you go; you have your very own BBQ sauce, ready in minutes.

While some would desire a taste of the Sweet BBQ sauce, making it important to know the basic elements that would go into the preparation, which include the brown sugar, tomato sauce, garlic and chopped onions. In a place like the Kansas City of the US, the sweet BBQ sauce consumed in the form of thick red gravy with a tomato base is considered to be a rage, while honey or brown sugar is a basic sweetener in the preparation of barbeque sauces in Mississippi. rigatoni Also apparently, in fund raising schools of some parts of the US, sausages and onions on bread are served with a fruit based barbeque sauce, or ketchup sauce.

This, even as the Spicy BBQ sauce contains portions of pepper, chilli powder, lemon juice, butter and vinegar, the rest of the ingredients being the same. This sauce is a must have for those who would not mind a bit of spice in their food and it is undeniably a preferred change.

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