What is a Dry Hit? How to Prevent Dry Hits when Vaping

A person who is not acquainted with the vaping terms would never understand dry hits until they get one! When drawing a puff from a reusable or disposable vape device like Elux legend 3500 puffs and Elf bar lost marry 3500 puffs, a harsh and heated hit that you feel at the back of your throat is referred to as a dry hit. No matter how good you are at vaping, a dry hit is something that can badly affect your vaping style.

It has been seen that people who have been vaping for a long time still face the problems of dry hits. There could be many reasons why some people have to deal with extreme dry hits, for instance, wicking coil inaccurately, vaping too often, gunk-up coil, poor VG/PG concentrations, and failing to upgrade vape device.

If you are also dealing with such issues with your vape device and have no idea how to overcome these trivialities, keep reading the blog. The blog will give you a comprehensive list of ways that may help you to prevent the dry hits more effectively:

Wicking Coil Appropriately:

The first thing you should check to detect the cause of dry hit in your vape is coil saturation. If your coil is not wicked properly or is not saturated, you may encounter severe blast heat in your throat. Leave your coil for a minute or two once you wicked it properly to avoid such harshness.

Also, make sure that you purchase a good quality coil compatible with your vape kit.

Try to Draw Fewer Puffs:

People are not aware of when to use a vape device; they just buy it and start vaping! If you frequently vape, such as vaping while working, vaping in social gatherings, or vaping while watching football matches and movies. The chances are that your coils get dry out soon due to overheating and give you a dry hit.

Vape moderately if you don’t want your throat to go through severe pain. If you do not change the pattern of your vaping, you are most likely to encounter a device failure.

Cleaning Coils:

Coils are a very important component in all kinds of vape devices. If you are using a simple disposable vape device like Aroma king 3500 puffs, you dont have to worry about cleaning the coils, but you need to clean your vape coils regularly if you are using an advanced vape device.

E-liquid gunk-up often reduces the efficiency of a coil, resulting in nasty dry hits. Besides,  If you do not regularly provide cleanliness to your vape coils, you may face several issues, such as unpleasant e-liquid taste, low-quality vapours and device explosion.

VG/PG Concentration:

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are the vital ingredients of e-liquids. PG is a thin, odourless and tasteless liquid that carries e-liquid flavour more adequately and also gives a harsh throat hit that simulates the sensation of cigarette smoking.

On the other hand, VG is thicker than PG and helps produce big clouds of vapours. Since VG is thicker in density, it will take longer for the coil to get saturated. Hence you will get more dry hits.

In order to avoid the dry hits, try to use the e-liquids with both PG and VG in balance concentrations.

Final Thoughts:

To get rid of dry hits, clean the vape coils regularly, check for the e-liquid tanks, try not to overdo vaping, and update your vape device. Or you can simply switch to disposable vape devices, as in these devices, you will get minimum dry hits, and also you don’t need to modify their coils. 

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