What is a White Label Help Desk

A White Label Help Desk Solution That Helps Your Company Cut Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction.

A help desk is an organization that provides technical support to users of computer systems. The purpose of the help desk is to provide assistance and troubleshooting for problems with computers, software applications or other electronic devices. In addition, the help desk may also be responsible for providing training on how to use new technology as well as maintaining documentation about the system’s operation.

A help desk, also known as an IT support center or technical services department, provides information and assistance to users of computer systems. The primary function of the help desk is to provide customer service for end-users who have questions about their computers, software applications, networks, etc., while they are using those products. A secondary purpose is to assist with problem resolution when problems arise in these areas.

How do you know if your company needs one?

The first step in determining whether your company needs a help desk is to determine what type of business it is. If your company sells hardware, then there will likely not need to be a separate help desk because most companies already sell this equipment. However, if your company does any kind of work where people interact with computers such as accounting, payroll processing, inventory management, human resources, marketing, sales, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, billing, etc., then having a dedicated help desk can make sense. If you don’t currently have a help desk but would like to start up one, here are some things to consider:

What types of issues occur at your site? Do employees call into the office asking questions about their PC? Are they calling from home trying to figure out why something isn’t working properly? Is someone coming by the office every day complaining about slow performance? These are all examples of situations which require a help desk.

If your company has employees working from home, then you should consider setting up a remote access solution so that all employee interactions with the network take place over the Internet rather than through local area networking. This way, even though the user might not be at his office, he could still get online remotely without needing to physically connect to the corporate LAN.

Another reason why a help desk would be useful is if your company uses multiple operating systems.

Then ask yourself: Do I want my employees spending time dealing with customers’ problems instead of working on projects? Is it important to me that my employees understand all aspects of our product so we can better serve them? Will having a dedicated person available 24 hours per day make us more efficient at doing our jobs? Are we willing to pay someone full-time to deal with issues like slow internet connections, printer jams, virus infections, etc.?

Why should I have one?

Having a help desk allows you to focus on other parts of your job. You’ll no longer spend valuable time answering phone calls and emails related to tech support. Instead, you can devote your energy towards helping your clients solve their own problems. In addition, having a help desk means that you’re always ready to answer questions whenever needed. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t miss anything critical happening within your organization.



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