What is Crowned gear coupling ?

Crowned gear coupling is mainly used in mechanical systems to transfer rotary motion to linear motion. The torsion is transferred from one rotating component attached to the gear to another. In most cases it transferred from a motor or engine to the attached shaft or vice versa. The pivotal advantage of crowned gear couplings is that they have extremely higher load bearing that ensures enhanced durability performance, than any other flexible couplings. Apart from that crowned gear coupling also allows certain amount of angular misalignment and even relative sliding. These are the reasons that crowned gear couplings are widely used in industries like aerospace, marine, wind energy, and railways.


The two most important components of a gear coupling are sleeve and hub. While hub is the external gear with a longitudinal crowning, sleeve is the internal spur gear. These two components together form a gear coupling. Despite the fact that they are of different dimension number of teeth in the external and internal gear is identical. It is unavoidable to rule out certain amount of misalignment when these two axles are connected. The crowned gear couplings are manufactured in such a way that they can perform even in high rotation speed overcoming the angular misalignment.


The process for manufacturing crowned gear coupling is called hobbing. This is a very popular method in the gear manufacturing industry as the process is quick and less expensive. This process allows mass production of gear couplings of various dimensions in large scale. In this process hobbing machines are used for making gear couplings of varied sizes. In hobbing machines, a hob is mounted with a spindle that skews the blank work piece that is mounted over another spindle. For manufacturing different types of gear couplings, the angle of skew is changed and other specifications are changed for making different types of gear couplings.


Gear couplings work under extremely high force and with misalignment. Furthermore, vibrations and shakings caused due to the operations of machines further increases the misalignments. With continuous use wear of the bearings and other components also increase the misalignment of the gear shafts. Therefore, it is extremely important to properly study the tooth contact analysis and to consider damage of the tooth during use. This analysis is most import for determining the material, design and specification of crowned gear couplings. Regular inspection and maintenance will also extend the life of the crowned gear couplings to a significant level.


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