What Is Deep Blade Loosener (DBL Machine)

Deep blade loosener, also known as a blade extractor, is a small rotating wheel that has an eccentric thread protruding from the center. Generally, this wheel will turn in conjunction with the bearing spindle and pull out along with the deep blade. The DBL machine works by connecting one or more threads to a tooling bar, which is bolted to both sides of the spindle for easy connection. The DBL machine may come in different sizes and options to meet different needs according to its intended use ranging from basic equipment requirements (speed reduction) to advanced uses like variable speed control.

What is Deep Blade Loosener?

As mentioned above, deep blade loosener is a tool that can be used to remove the deep blade from the borehole. This tool is generally used on stuck or broken blades. The deep blade loosener pulls out the connected blades from the borehole using a rotating thread that protrudes from its center. The DBL machine is generally mounted on an S-31 luffing unit which can extend and retract for operation purposes. The DBL machine can also be coupled with a variable speed control so that the rotating speed can be adjusted according to requirements during operations such as drilling and circulation of fluids.

Benefits of Deep Blade Loosener:

The DBL machine is a high-speed tool that can be used as a frequency reducer to remove the deep blade from the borehole. It can also be used for more specialized purposes of removing blades when needed by changing its speed and position.

The benefits of this type of tool are speedy removal of stuck blades, which is generally not possible with conventional machines. The DBL machine can also be used in situations where the spindle is damaged, jammed, or has broken clutch plates or gears to compensate for such a situation by extending its operating range. Limitations of Deep Blade Loosener:

As with other tools and equipment, the DBL machine has its limitations that can be overcome by proper application. It is important to note that the DBL machines are not suitable for heavy duty applications such as milling or drilling at high speeds. Generally, only light duty applications such as pipe cutting or low speed drilling are suitable for this machine.


Deep blade loosener are basically a small tool that is used to pull out connected blades from boreholes. These tools come in different versions and sizes, which are suitable for different applications and requirements. Deep blade loosener is a versatile tool that can be used in many situations to remove the deep blade effectively.

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