What is Dynamic 365 Customer Portal and Why It is Important?

Customer portals have become more of a necessity as today customers are expecting it from companies. This way they save time from contacting customer support for simple questions. Self service comes handy when there is a sudden rise in the number of incoming queries. Portal would not let the quality of customer service depreciate.

Here we will explain in detail about Dynamics 365 portal and why it is important for your business.

What is Dynamic 365 Customer Portal?

A customer portal is a space for customers where they can manage and view support requests, knowledge base articles, and connect more via community. Thus, it connects all your business self-service functions at one place. 

Customer portals can be connected to other systems and you can allow your customers to manage their account information like changing shipping address, changing contact information, etc.

Why is  Dynamics 365 Customer Portal Important?

Businesses can limit emails and calls for more in-house concerns as these channels are not practical enough in providing  quick replies to the customers.  And it is impractical to ask queries related to how to change password on emails and getting replies after hours. Such scenarios require instant responses and that is when the customer portal comes in. It is a platform that will empower your business to give powers to customers so that they can instantly access the information anytime and anywhere and that too without reaching your company.

Benefits of a  Dynamics 365 Customer Portal

  • Customer portals increase customer satisfaction
  • Boosts agent productivity
  • Provides additional layer of security

What can a Dynamics 365 portal do?

Implementing a customer portal is not enough. You need to make it attractive and strategically use it to offer the best to your customers. Here are some ways that you can develop a trustworthy customer relationship.

Offer Quick Support to Customer 

A portal can empower your business in such a way that you will be able to help your customer without them asking you for help. For example, if you are rolling out a new update, it is wiser to share relevant knowledge base with the customers so that they do not face the issue and save your support team from bombarding queries related to the same.

An ecommerce company can connect a portal to their other system and let them update and manage personal details so that they do not have to call customer portal for such minor changes.

Improved Customer Engagement through Knowledge Base

You can improve your engagement with your customers by offering them the knowledge base and community forum. These will help them go through articles that would help them in a way to interact with other customers like them and sharing and receiving knowledge. Sharing how-to videos will make it easier for customers to understand things and have more faith in the product and service.

There are many companies that have integrated knowledge base and community forums on their portals and created a highly engaging environment for all their customers. One such example is Apple. 

It is not that someone will go through a knowledge base and community forum because they have questions. They might also look into this stuff to gain knowledge and in the future they can turn into loyal customers.

Improve Based On Feedback

Customer portals can help in improving the business strategies and things by directly taking feedback from customers. The comments on articles, community discussions, can be considered as feedback. The topic from which you receive more complaints, tickets created after search, down votes, etc. are also a feedback in a way.

Prepare for Future

All the self-service functions will work as a backbone for your business. So, when your business scales, the requirement of support offering will also increase. To tackle the increasing number of tickets with increasing customers, the portal will help you handle it well. 


Dynamics 365 Customer portal can really change the customer experience and save a lot of time of your customer support. Customers like to manage such small things by themselves and allowing them to do it is what you need to do. The points discussed above prove how it is important for a business and how it will actually benefit.  

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