What is ED and It Treatments


What is ED?

Everywhere you go there is talk of ED. ED doesn’t refer to the famous horse that talks and is actually an acronym used in the media to describe the condition known as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a scientific term that refers to the inability to keep an erection through sexual interaction. It’s also referred to as the less politically correct word impermanence.

ED occurs more often when you age, and occurs frequently among those who are already cashing the social security check, than in 17-year-olds who walk hormones. However, it can affect men of any age because of our complex neural wiring that connects arousal with our psychological and physical state.

What are the reasons for ED?

The passage of time and the regular wear and tear of the body are key reasons why men do not “get it up”, ED shouldn’t be thought of like a compulsion as simple as a plethora of hair on the nose or the sudden desire for prunes. There is a myriad of physiological causes which can cause erectile dysfunction with most of which are remediable issues. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and artery hardening, among other problems of the western world and more, can all cause ED. Even if you’re getting older does not mean you must assume your sex days are ended. With a balanced diet, some exercise, a handful of herbal supplements and a little bit of patience, you’ll be able to enjoy an active and exciting sex lifestyle.

In addition to these age-related ED issues, there are a variety of other health issues that could clog your plumbing. In both cases, excessive drinking and heavy smoking have been found as contributing factors to erectile dysfunction. Kidney problems and liver issues can hinder the ability to maintain an erection. Receiving chemotherapy or surgery around the penile or prostate area can increase the chance of becoming infertile. Since hormones play a significant role in the arousal process of testosterone, having a low level or a medication-related hormonal issue can cause this issue.

The majority of healthy and young bucks who are having trouble getting up are likely to have an emotional blockage hindering them from being stimulated. The problem can then worsen itself as the patient starts to doubt themselves of an erection and are worried about keeping the erection. Although ED usually goes away once the other issue is solved, however, some men find themselves stuck in the ED loop.


The majority of over-the-counter treatments for erectile problems make usage synthetic PDE5 inhibitors that cause the penniless smooth muscle glands to relax and to fill up with blood. The majority of the Cenforce drugs that you’ve seen ads for perform in the same manner, increasing the flow of blood towards the penis. As this could result in complications with specific medications, they’re only available with a prescription, which means that patients must talk about their ED issues with their doctor.

There are also a variety of natural remedies available to aid men in overcoming their ED. The majority of these natural remedies are the same in their effect on the system of circulation as prescribed drugs but on a less risky scale. The natural PDE5 inhibitors and boosters of nitric are Epicedium as well as Cnidium Monnier. Other natural remedies like cordyceps and ginseng are effective in raising the levels of sex hormones in the body. A large number of such supplements are offered in Zen erect as the top natural testosterone pill for men.

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