What is Prestashop Abandoned cart addon all about?

It aims at customers who abandon their shopping carts without completing their purchases. Customers, for the most part, add the perfect things to their carts. Moreover, look for a better value or product on another site and move on. Cart abandonment and low site income result as a result of this. To deal with such a circumstance, Prestashop Abandoned cart addon by Knowband is there. Further, it sends consumers reminder triggers about their upcoming basket items.

Prestashop Abandoned cart module gives out automated reminder emails. Further, to probable clients who have abandoned their shopping carts. At various typical intervals, the Prestashop Email Follow-up module offers emails that the admin sends electronically or manually. You may also entice customers by including attractive offers in the cart follow-up email.

Striking features of the Prestashop abandoned cart addon by Knowband

  1. The Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow-up addon sends out reminder emails

Cart abandoners get the notification about their carts by the Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery email addon. Further, allowing them to rapidly finish their purchase from the store utilizing the discount code provided in the reminder email.

  1. Discounted and non-discounted emails are separate using the Prestashop Email Follow up the addon

Admins may easily edit the discounted and non-discounted emails from the backend interface with the Prestashop abandoned cart addon. They can edit the email’s text, and provide a discount, and structure.

  1. GDPR adherence

The Prestashop Reduce Cart Abandonment addon complies with GDPR.

  1. Prestashop Cart Abandoned addon allows you to customize the email types for reminders

The Prestashop provides admins with pre-defined and fully customizable reminder discount email forms. In fact, it eliminates the need for further work.

  1. Specifies a time limit for when a cart deems abandoned

The Prestashop abandoned cart reminder specifies a time frame beyond which the cart deems abandoned.

  1. Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder includes the cron feature

The Cron feature of the Prestashop abandoned cart addon allows the admin to prepare and send automated reminder emails to specific customers once a predetermined period has passed. The cron log tabs may also be used by store owners to see if the cron is running or not.

  1. Test mode for the Prestashop addon

The Prestashop plugin Test mode allows the admin to test the reminder cart emails on the specified email address.

  1. The Prestashop module includes a large number of serial reminders

The plugin gives you the option of creating and adjusting N serial reminders from the admin panel.

  1. The Abandoned Cart List and Converted Cart List views in the backend

The Prestashop abandoned cart reminder provides a clear and detailed view of the Abandoned Cart List and Converted Cart List. Further, both of which are accessible from the backend.

  1. A statistics perspective of abandoned vs converted carts is available in the addon

With the Prestashop Abandoned cart addon, you can get a statistical perspective of abandoned vs converted carts. Furthermore, in the form of figures and graphs, as well as a filter option.

  1. The Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder keeps track of information about abandoned carts

The module keeps track of information for both visitors and customers who have logged in to the business.

  1. Prestashop addon’s pop-up function

The Prestashop module has an additional component that allows consumers who have abandoned their carts to get a popup notification. Store owners might also provide discounts on their items. The discount information will be remembered for the popup if it is given.

  1. On the web browser, the Prestashop Abandoned Cart module appears

The plugin allows you to send web push notifications to consumers to remind them about the goods they left in their cart but did not complete the transaction.


A shop owner must comprehend the reasons behind cart abandonment. They can’t prevent desertion until they know what’s causing it. It’s critical to include abandoned cart reminders in your business if you want to reduce the number of cart abandonments. The Prestashop Abandoned Cart addon by Knowband allows you complete control over how you create and deliver customer reminder emails.

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