What is the Speciality of MG Astor?

The MG Astor a compact SUV has certain innovative features that are firsts for the luxury market. To differentiate itself from other mid-size SUVs in the Indian market, the MG Astor debuted in this highly sought-after and appealing sector. It has both a manual and automatic transmission option for petrol. Visit PPS MG Showroom Hyderabad to learn more about this intelligent beauty and explore price specifics.

Engine & Performance

One option is a 1.5-litre normally aspirated engine with 144 Nm of torque and 110 horsepower. The other has a BritDynamic 1.4-litre 220Turbo engine with 220 Nm of torque and 140 horsepower. CVT automatic or five-speed manual transmissions are available for the 110-horsepower engine. But, the 140-horsepower engine gets a 6-speed torque-converter automatic transmission. If there’s a minor performance issue or for performance testing, PPS MG Service Hyderabad is always there for you.

Is MG Astor Powerful?

The turbo-petrol version’s smooth powertrain is just fantastic when the drive is engaged. The engine’s buzzing noise is hardly audible with the foot pressed to the metal. This captures the ninja-like abilities with all its movement. There’s a silky smoothness through all three steering setting that provides sufficient power. A good balance gets its notable performance in all driving conditions.

MG Astor Exteriors & Interiors

A new cosmic pattern grille and full LED projector headlamps with boomerang-shaped LED DRLs are both features of the MG Astor. It includes new 17-inch alloy wheels in profile and an additional front bumper. There is also a new rear bumper with reworked LED tail lamps and a twin exhaust design with chrome accents. The automobile is identical to the MG ZS EV save for these unique features (electric counterpart).

It sports a 7-inch instrument cluster and a 10.1-inch infotainment screen with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay. A panoramic sunroof, a 360-degree camera view, power-adjustable front seats, an automatic parking brake, automated climate control, and air conditioning are among the further noteworthy features.

How is Astor Build Quality?

The only vehicle in the segment with Level 2 ADAS functions for the driver’s assistance is the MG Astor. By providing fashionable SUVs with internet and communication options, MG has drawn Indian clients. The Astor was introduced by MG in the Indian market with Level 2 ADAS functions that were a segment first. MG Astor Review is claimed that it is designed tough to handle unforeseen scenarios because of the active safety features.

Other MG Astor Specifications

The MG Astor comes in five different versions: Style, Super, Smart, Sharp, and Savvy. The five colours of the MG Astor are Glaze Red, Candy White, Starry Black, Spiced Orange, and Aurora Silver. Regarding performance criteria, there are two different possibilities. The MG Astor’s engine produces 108 horsepower at 60000 revolutions per minute for its 1498-cc petrol engine and 138 horsepower at 56000 revs per minute for its 1349-cc petrol engine.

The music system features integrated 2DIN audio, front and rear speakers, a touch screen, radio, Apple CarPlay, remote control for the audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB & auxiliary input, and Android Auto. The MG Astor’s boot had a 488-litre capacity.

Is Astor bigger than Creta?

The MG Astor is larger than the Hyundai Creta. For greater understanding, compare the dimensions below.

MG Astor dimensions- The Length is 4323 mm, the Width is 1809 mm, and the height is 1650 mm respectively. It has a wheelbase of 2585 mm. MG Astor Ground Clearance is 180 mm.

Dimensions of Hyundai Creta- The Length is 4300 mm, the Width is 1790 mm, and the height is 1635 mm respectively. Creta has a wheelbase of 2610 mm with Ground Clearance Unladen 190 mm.

Is MG Astor Style Worth Buying?

Getting ‘Intelligence Redefined,’ the mid-range radars on the MG Astor Style are powered by Autonomous Level 2 technology. The MG Vehicle has several Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and brings great worth with the multipurpose camera. It includes an AI-based personal assistant and two different petrol engine options. The automaker has developed a Car-as-a-Platform (CAAP) idea of options and services on the MG Astor.

People are connected to MG Astor through the Emotional Dynamism principle developed by MG Astor. It is possible to create and implement subscriptions and services with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) that cater to consumers’ “on-demand in-car” needs. The brand brings in a personal AI assistant to its global range of cars alongside incorporating it into this incredible smart automobile.

“Star Design” has created the AI Assistant and the company is well-known in America. This feature portrays human-like emotions, voices, and the ability to provide information on any topic via Wikipedia. Say “Hello, Astor!” in an Indian accent, then ask for any information you require; it responds flawlessly. AI on Astor is great. It can handle all in-car activities, play jokes, and keep you informed about current affairs.

MG believes that Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) enable the AI assistant to replicate human behaviour (NLU). An AI assistant can transform its expressions on Astor’s dashboard while carrying out specific tasks. There’s a possibility of accessing the “OK, Google!” speech assistant which is found in MG cars and also on Android phones.

MG Astor Price

The most affordable vehicle from the brand is the MG Astor, with pricing starting at Rs 9.98 lakh* and going as high as Rs 17.72 lakh* (ex-showroom price). Connect with PPS MG Dealer Hyderabad to get the information on detailed pricing with the respective variant you are looking for. MG Astor’s Mileage is said to be 15 KMPL.


MG has always been committed to customer-centricity while the intelligence on the MG Astor reveals the brand power. MG is safe and capable of fulfilling all the daily conveyance needs with a mid-size SUV MG Astor producing style and performance. Book a test drive online or visit PPS MG Showroom LB Nagar to know more about the tech specs or features of MG Astor. For exploring the nearest MG Showroom, browse MG Showroom Near Me Hyderabad online and reach the specialist team to get assistance.



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