When Should Go For a Boiler Replacement?

A boiler can last for several years. If properly maintained it can even serve you for decades. But for the sake of efficiency and your finances, you need to replace your boiler.

When it comes to boiler replacement in Nottingham, keep one thing in mind age is just a number. People have misconceptions that when a boiler crosses a certain milestone it should be replaced with a new one. The reality is quite different.

If you get regular servicing and a few tweaks, you can make your boiler live well into old age. However, you can get into some situations, where you won’t find any alternatives to “out with the old and in with the new”.

How many years does a boiler last?

This question is trickier than it sounds. You can get a boiler with a warranty of fewer than 5 years. Sometimes, it can end up with degraded quality.

Nowadays, combi boilers are the most famous choice in homes. A modern boiler comes with a lifespan of around 15 years. Potentially, if you get a good quality model, your boiler can last even longer. Besides, if you regularly service your boiler, you can get high performance from it.

When to replace your boiler?

This blog will illustrate a list of boiler-on-the-blink signs. When you understand them, you will easily work out if your trusty old boiler may need replacement or repairing.

Frequent breakdowns

If you are requiring the assistance of a Gas Safe Engineer more than once a year, compare the repair costs with the cost of boiler replacement.

When you regularly service the existing boiler, it can tick over smoothly all year. If your boiler still struggles afterwards, replacement is required.

Increased bills without explanation

We all heard about the efficiency rating of boilers. But do you understand what it denotes for your household bills?

When you put a less efficient boiler, it can cost you more money for running. An A-rated modern boiler operates at more than 90% efficiency.

Noisy radiators

central heating systems make various sounds, but they are completely harmless.

If you hear a tapping sound on radiators or pipes, it can be a sign of sludge set up in your system. You can fix it through a power flush without much of a stretch. But when you hear banging, humming or vibrating sound, it might indicate your boiler has a bigger fault. Hare, you have to consider boiler replacement.

Yellow flame

The flame of a boiler needs to burn bright blue. If you see it in orange or yellow colour, you should have an immediate service from a Gas Safe engineer. The engineer has the ability to tell you how serious the issue is. Moreover, he can find out the best way of resolving it.

Have you decided that boiler replacement is the right option for you? If yes, then you should get advice from a licensed and insured professional. He can provide you with guidance on the diverse types of boilers. Besides offering heating advice, he can come up with a fixed price quote. 

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