Which services can be included in dog insurance?

Who is it for?

Taking out dog insurance is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended, because veterinary care represents a significant budget, particularly during periods of illness or accident. Although the insurance does not cover the full treatment, it will reduce it considerably.

All dog owners can purchase dog insurance. However, some conditions and notices are to be considered. For you to be able to register your pet, it must be between 3 months and 10 years old (or even 8 years old) and must have a tattoo or a microchip. You must also prove that he is vaccinated against hepatitis, parvovirus, and distemper.

Answer any questions about your pet’s medical history, such as any hereditary or chronic illnesses. Whether you have a Bulldog, Dalmatian, Beagle, or Basset Bleu, dog insurance does not take into account the breed of the animal.

Services included in dog insurance and particularly important

The best services offered may vary from company to company. Our comparison will help you see more clearly. Some basic pet insurance policies, for example, only cover accidents, while more comprehensive policies will cover illnesses and more.

Apart from basic services, some services include reasonable and customary examinations, consultations, hospitalization, surgery, X-rays, medications, diagnostic tests, nursing, and others.

Accidental Damage Coverage

For some, a specified accidental injury will cover a percentage of veterinarian costs incurred for injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, burn or electrocution, bone fracture, or even snakebite toxicity.

Death and cremation expenses cover

We can also note the importance of the death guarantee which allows the owner to receive financial compensation in the event of loss of the pet following an accident or illness. Depending on your insurer, you may be able to receive optional benefits for your pet such as vaccinations, desexing, routine care, Council registration fees, or even microchipping.

Facility services

In addition, the best additional advantages should not be neglected such as 100% reimbursements, prevention in all formulas, 24/7 veterinary emergency service, treatment of care sheets in 48 hours, guarantees throughout his life, or even the TV campaign visible on the main channels.

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