Why should you choose Dhaka Community Medical College?

Bangladesh is a beautiful country situated in the continent of Asia, the capital of Bangladesh is DHAKA which is the education trade and culture centre of the country along with many tourist places.

Dhaka community medical college was formed about 14 years ago and it is known for its high quality education at a very reasonable cost. The college has all the modern technologies and infrastructure which are available in all international standard MBBS colleges. The education system not only includes theory but also practical education for the students.

Let us look at the benefits of studying mbbs admission in georgia

1. It has excellent infrastructure with international standard. The college building consists of ground plus 14 upper floors which makes it huge to accommodate all required resources, technologies, equipment, infrastructure and education books.

2. The medium of education and lectures is in English, therefore it is very convenient for students of majority of the countries who know to read, write and speak English.

3. The college fees charged from the students is very reasonable, which makes it very helpful for student from developing countries to visit Bangladesh and pursue their MBBS education.

4. The college does not charge any kind of donations in any forms. Hence there is no additional burden on the students while taking admission for MBBS in Dhaka community medical college.

5. The Dhaka community medical college is recognised by top most authorities in the world i.e. NMC , BMDC, WHO etc. which makes it easier for all the international students.

6. The climate is very moderate, therefore it is easy for students to visit and study as there is no extreme cold or hot climate.

7. There are various events and conferences organised by the college for the students to have exposure with the medical colleges from the other countries and continents to keep them updated.

8. The college is stuffed with huge book library for its students which can let the students to sit and study for long hours in the library without any disturbance.

9. There are various other courses available for the students even after completing MBBS which will help them developing additional skills which will separate them from normal MBBS Abroad degree and stand out in crowd.

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