Hemlines tend to rise in conjunction with the euphoria. According to fashion folklore, the Paris catwalks have predicted a brighter future. The mini is a symbol of self-confidence and optimism in the fashion world. There is no doubt that the garments I designed back then signalled enormous high spirits… they hailed youth and vitality and immense opportunity,”

As a symbol of hope that the worst of the pandemic has passed, a mini’s positive energy serves as a talisman. “Mini-skirt” searches on Lyst, the worldwide fashion shopping portal, have increased by 76 percent year on year. There is no doubt that fashion fans are eager to relive the delight of dressing up once more. Because of the mini dress popularity, buyers have been inspired to stock their post-pandemic wardrobe with mini-dresses and high-slit shorts.

As the notion of beauty broadens, the miniskirt is no more the exclusive domain of the young and thin. During Paris Fashion Week, the Berlin-based female design duo Otto linger presented a collection of athleisure Plus-size models Precious Lee and Alva Claire received greater applause on the Balmain runway than their sample-size counterparts, a sign that catwalks are finally catching up to the rest of the world in honouring diversity. The message of the Balmain presentation was one of “strength, sensuality… and confidence for all,” according to the Harrods buying team.

Pre-pandemic, pre-climate emergency days are represented by the miniskirt’s reminiscence of careless optimism. In this season’s catwalks, the crisp, boxy forms of the minis are reminiscent of the bounciness of early 1960s fashion.

It has been almost a generation since the skirt suit was fashionable again, but it is now making a strong comeback, with a skirt that is shorter than the jacket. When Olivia Rodrigo wore her vintage Chanel skirt suit to attend a White House meeting in support of vaccinations, it was just one of many miniskirt suits making a comeback in Paris. While Lanvin’s resort presentation in Paris in June included Clueless-adjacent pastel skirt suits with matching accessories, Schiaparelli’s clothing have been worn by Lady Gaga at the Joe Biden inauguration, Bella Hadid at the Cannes festival red carpet, and Cardi B at this week’s front rows.

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