Wooden box detailed description, Advantages & Disadvantages

Heavy wooden boxes can be divided into full plastic boxes, Bakelite boxes and solid wood boxes according to the materials used. According to the relative position of the box and the box board, it can be divided into an inner frame wooden box and an outer frame wooden box; according to the degree of closure of the box surface, the wooden box has a closed box and a lattice box; when necessary, we will according to the actual situation of the customer Circumstances, to help customers choose, design, and produce economical and reliable wooden boxes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of heavy wooden boxes?

Advantages: it can take local materials, cost-effective, has a certain cushioning performance, high strength, good durability, easy to pack and fix the product.

Disadvantages: heat treatment is required, the airtight performance is not as good as the iron box, and it cannot be reused.

During the production process of plywood, no sawdust is produced. Log resources can be used reasonably and effectively, and the utilization rate of natural wood is improved. It is an important way to save wood. Plywood has light bulk density, good bending resistance, convenient transportation and construction, and beautiful texture, which makes up for some natural defects of wood and has good decorative properties. In some structural parts that require load-bearing, the use of thin core panels will provide more strength. It has strong weather resistance, high temperature resistance and durability. It can be used in places where panels are needed such as airplanes, ships, trains, automobiles, home decoration, construction and containers. Suitable for long-term transportation and storage, and can be reused many times. It meets the requirements of commodity export packaging quarantine and inspection, and is an export-free product. Robust, reliable and durable: A large number of drop tests have proved that plywood wooden boxes are superior to other wooden boxes in terms of strength and durability, so both in transportation and long-term storage are better than other wooden boxes.

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