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A long history

In 1939, there was an agreement between Stalin and Hitler to divide Poland and take over western Ukraine. That was the first time my parents saw what a Russian onslaught into Ukraine was about.

“Where are we today?” Chornodolsky asked.

His answer: If Ukraine surrenders, Putin will march into Berlin.

“It’s time to stop Putin,” he said.

A note from Ukraine is read

The audience cheered and then went silent as Vera. M. Andryczyk of Phoenixville took center stage.

Andryczyk read a note she recently received from a prize-winning writer, a woman living in the capital of Ukraine.

“Time has been compressed beyond capacity. It is difficult to believe that a little more than a week ago, a short time ago, we were living a normal life,” the note said.

As the note was being read, a dog was barking near the front of the stage, and many people were crying.

The note said:

“Effort is needed to find out what kind of life it was (before the war.) We cannot permit ourselves to forget.

“The bodies of my people are being torn apart by shards of metal, glass and concrete.

Foreigners are going into the schools, children’s playgrounds and the hospitals, and only 10 days ago we were safe and secure and lived our normal lives.”


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